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Performance without compromise. Not only are our products made right here in the USA in level 3 FDA registered, GMP certified facilities, our products are made with natural sweeteners and flavorings, and our formulas are custom designed from the ground up and backed by science. We take pride in delivering the highest quality and healthiest ingredients in all of our products. Each ingredient is is tested, researched, and included at a clinically effective dose. The result is maximum effectiveness to help you perform at your highest level.

What You Get!

In a world of endless decisions, let us be the no-brainer.

ALPHA1 LABS™ was born out of desire to find effective, hard core workout & nutrition supplements that contain healthy and properly dosed ingredients. This is why we choose not to use artificial sweeteners or dyes in any of our products. We believe that as more studies on the health implications of certain artificial sweeteners and colorings emerge, natural sweeteners are the better choice to align with our company values.

All of our products are designed with a purpose. Our team vigorously researches and formulates each and every product for maximum effectiveness. Many products on the market have a laundry list of ingredients at in-effective dosing to make them look more enticing. We choose the proper ingredients in highly effective doses to ensure maximum results while still being mixable and digestible. 

Quality is in our DNA! 

All of our supplements are made right here in the USA in FDA Registered and GMP Certified facilities. Our products also go through rigorous quality control and 3rd party testing to ensure safety and potency. 

Here at ALPHA1 LABS™ we genuinely care about making safe and effective products to better the lives of our customers around the world. That's why we use ingredients that are extensively studied to ensure our products perform to our standards. If our name is on it you can rest assured the appropriate attention to detail went into researching and formulating each and every ingredient in each product.

What you see is what you get! Unlike other manufacturers who hide dosages and ingredients behind "Proprietary Blends", we will always show you exactly what is in our products.